Keywords Corynespora .Hydroponic .Leafspot .Lettuce Lettuce (Lactuca sativa) is the world’s most popular leafy salad vegetable. This research was continued and developed further by Dr. Bernard Kratky at the University of Hawaii, who had spent some time working with Dr. Imai on his original research. Soil Requirement for Lettuce Farming:- Lettuce can be grown on wide variety of soils. Choose a heat tolerant variety and/or cherry tomatoes, which are hardier than larger varieties. This study compared the suitability of four hydroponic solutions, solution y commonly used in Sri Lanka, solution x vastly used in Thailand and solution z 1 and z 2 prepared using solution y, for growing lettuce using Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) system. Open leaf cultivars give comparatively higher yields. This Thai tempeh lettuce wraps recipe was a totally delicious accident! But back to lettuce, grown in the soil, often with critters and marks. Their family farming business dates back to the 1920’s, when two young Swiss immigrants, Sebastian and Josie Braga decided to start growing beets, tomatoes, onions, hay and corn. Plants use a lot of energy and resources to keep those damaged leaves growing. Here you can see the steep slope of both the upper and lower tiers, the water will be collected at the far end from the top tier, aerated and then redistributed across the bottom tier. My Agriculture land : Vedurukuppam Mandal, Chittoor District ,AndhraPradesh. But what is lacking in all the literature and research I’ve seen to date is a side by side yield comparison of DFT, NFT, and modern NCWC systems which updates the original work of Hoagland et al. For these reasons, the great majority of small scale greenhouse operations here utilize much smaller stand alone greenhouses, which more easily dissipate the heat under the plastic roof and can be readily covered with a removable exterior shade cloth as needed. Our Thai Lettuce Wraps are reminiscent of Larb which is a Southeast Asian minced meat salad. Sowing on raised beds is best because, it provides well-drain conditions along with good aeration. The scorching heat necessitates a high degree of shading on cloudless days to prevent severe stress to the lettuce crop, but the shade cloth needs to be easily removed on those frequent heavily overcast days where the sun fails to make an appearance. Mix 2 teaspoons of 8-15- 36* fertilizer like Food Rising’s Lettuce Formula with 5 gallons of water. Bangkok, Thailand. Note: Your local Horticulture is a good source for finding suitable solutions for controlling pests and diseases in Lettuce farming. Vegetable … Apart from this, high temperatures cause the low percentage of seed germination. To increase soil fertility, 15 to 20 tonnes of well-decomposed farm yard manure or garden compost should be applied during land preparation. Humid, hot and rainy conditions will result in head rot in Lettuce farming. My next construction project took place in Thailand. This leafy vegetable is a nutritious and great source of minerals and vitamins. Both are hot and both are humid, but the heat is worse in the dry season and the humidity worse in the wet season. In 2005, Philippine researchers ETM Ocampo and PJA Santos published details of their own version of non-circulating hydroponics, which they termed SNAP (Simplified Nutrient Addition Program) Hydroponics, that was also based on the previous research of Drs. My homemade net pots consisted of disposable white plastic drink cups with holes cut into their sides and bottoms. Salads require 45 days to go from sowing to finished products. I live 24 km from Cowra in the Central west NSW. Kratky Hydroponic Lettuce Small Hydroponic lettuce farm next to the highway in rural Thailand. The frequency of irrigation can be carried out @ 4 to 5 days interval. Commercial Lettuce growers can select from a large variety of lettuces that are easy to grow, highly productive in limited space, and virtually pest and disease free. Irrigation in Lettuce Farming:- Maintaining uniform moist conditions are very important in Lettuce farming due to it shallow root system. Rows of iceberg lettuce growing outdoors in a farm field in Jamaica. The vertical gap between the levels was built to be just under one meter, but the only mosquito netting I could find was imported from China, and it was on a one yard wide roll. A DIY guide to growing hydroponic lettuce and other greenhouse vegetables using NFT, DRFT, and non-circulating floating raft methods. Kalera’s lettuce, including Bibb, Oakleaf, Frisee, Crystal, Gem, Batavia and mini-Romaine, is grown indoors in white towers of trays with carefully controlled temperature, light and humidity. Content disclaimer. All this published research (and my own experience to date) shows that circulated, well aerated nutrient solutions may in fact be less important than is conventionally assumed, provided the plants roots are afforded an alternate opportunity for adequate gas exchange. 20 years ago, Damsteegt was one of the first to start with the hydroponic cultivation of lettuce in Thailand. The Collard Greens (a Brassica closely related to Kale) were healthy, but grew slowly. The roofing will be covered by 6-mil black HDPE plastic to make a parallel set of continuous channels end to end. Cucumber – I used to hate cucumber, but then I had it at a Vietnamese restaurant as a salad with rice wine vinegar, chili peppers, fish sauce and a touch of sugar; and then decided that I was just eating them wrong all along. Overwatering here caused many to die from “damping off” disease, but eventually I built a small flood and drain tray that kept them adequately moist without soaking them excessively. … Manures and Fertilizers in Lettuce Farming:-Lettuce crop responds very well to manures and fertilizers. Lettuce crop can be grown with little care when compared to other leafy vegetables. Ballade lettuce (Lactuca sativa ‘Ballade’) is an iceberg type of lettuce that is notable for its heat tolerance. While the results weren’t as spectacular as I had hoped, they definitely whetted my appetite for further experimentation. A suspended raft of hydroponic Butterhead and Red Coral lettuce growing in a non-circulating water culture tray. Depending on your local climatic condition, a proper variety should be selected. While many of the earliest examples of soil-less hydroponic crop production used the principles of static water culture as developed by Sachsen and Knop in 1860, by the early 1940’s Arnon and Hoagland convincingly demonstrated the advantages of aerating the nutrient solution. Green Oak lettuce does equally well in these passive hydroponic systems. Easy to grow. The subsequent invention of NFT by Dr Allan Cooper at the Glasshouse Crops Research Institute by the mid 1960’s lead many growers to adopt this new, more productive method. As a condition for access you agree that the Commonwealth makes no representations or warranties regarding the database and does not accept any liability in connection with reliance on the information contained within the database (including by third parties you in any way allow or assist to access the information). Common Names of Lettuce:- Lettuce, Tshilai. One caution—grow this one in a fall garden. Formation of the darker “air roots” are clearly visible growing above the water line, while the lighter colored roots below specialize in nutrient and water uptake. Thank you in advance. Such is the case in many areas of rural Thailand and other southeast Asian countries. Sow in garden, or start in seed trays and plant out in 4-6 weeks.. Usually, Lettuce seeds are sown in the nursery beds and transplanted to filed when the seedlings 6 weeks old. Green Oak lettuce does equally well in these passive hydroponic systems. These conditions are much required as it has a very shallow root system. As a result, non-circulating water culture fell out of general commercial use and few continued to investigate it’s potential. Building structures made of PVC can be extremely sturdy if they are braced properly. As recently as 2008, Dr. Kratky was continuing to publish the results of his research on this subject. My version most closely resembles the systems designed in Hawaii and the one described in the video that originally caught my attention. First I lined one of my 4′ x 4′ x 6″ raised beds with heavy duty black plastic. This last photo shows 3 crop turns growing in the completed greenhouse, a new set of seedlings in the two outer nursery tubes, the previous nursery plants now distributed across the upper tier, and the first crop of Butterhead respaced to 20cm apart, growing on foam boards laying on the roofing channels of the bottom tier. The climate of Thailand is ideal for hydroponic growing. Lettuce is most often grown as a leaf vegetable, but sometimes for its stem and seeds as well. It requires soils rich in organic matter and good moisture holding capacity. The plants above have been growing hydroponically without electricity for about a month here in central Thailand. On the other hand, my lettuce heads were not in the same league as the CEA lettuce available at our local grocery store, so I determined that my next effort would be directed toward building and testing an active, as opposed to passive, hydroponic lettuce system. This paper is the first report of the disease in this country. Manures and Fertilizers in Lettuce Farming:- Lettuce crop responds very well to manures and fertilizers. Lettuce is low in Glycaemic Index (GI), which is good for diabetic patients. The most popular varieties of Lettuce are; Iceberg Lettuce, Great lakes Lettuce, Bogampo Lettuce, L-S-1 and L-S-2. PICHIT NO.1: an upland type, with light green stems, long narrow upright leaves, and less stem-suckers: the time period from sowing to first harvest is 55 days. Intercultural Operations in Lettuce Farming:- For healthy crop, one should make sure weed-free environment. Pak Choy (Bok Choi), Kale and other brassicas can also be grown successfully using simplified hydroponics. Seed Rate, Sowing and Spacing in Lettuce Farming:- Seed rate depends on variety, sowing method and soil type. This can be achieved by giving couple of ploughings and some cross harrowing with local tractor. I made a matching split level expanded polystyrene raft, with close spaced holes on the nursery level and more widely spaced holes on the upper level. In Thailand, the ready-to-eat lettuce cultivars Batavia (BV), Green oak (GO) and Red oak (RO) are widely Takeaway lesson, next time buy the more expensive extruded polystyrene, Closeup showing the homemade net cup and the clean white roots of the lettuce plants, no pythium problems here…. Lettuce is good source of fiber and cellulose. I’ve since made the vertical supports shorter to eliminate the gap. Care. Pak Choy (Bok Choi), Kale and other brassicas can also be grown successfully using simplified hydroponics. Lettuce can be grown successfully from seedlings, but its usually best to sow lettuce seeds directly as the process of transplanting seedlings can delay maturing up to 3 weeks. I stapled it to the top edge of the underlying 2 x 6 board to keep it neat then nailed furring strips on top of that to hold it down securely (not shown). The number of irrigations depends on soil moisture holding capacity and climate. When it comes to application of N:P:K (Nitrogen: Phosphate: Potash); 100 kg of “N”, 60 kg of “P” and 60 kg of “K” per 1 hectare should be applied. I used the romaine lettuce for my vegan tofu lettuce cups with thai peanut sauce from Josie’s Organics, an amazing all organic company that grows their produce in the fertile California Valley. Sow seed thinly 13mm (½in) deep in rows 30cm (12in) apart. However, by the mid 1980’s, serious work to investigate and improve on the existing techniques of non-circulating water culture was undertaken by Dr. Hideo Imai in Taiwan at the AVRDC. Usually, the first harvesting should be done 35 to 40 days after sowing. With this modification, I could maintain the pH, EC, and a constant water level, and in theory always have two different crops growing, one starting out on the nursery level and one on the elevated level for mature plants. Move the filling to one side and top it with the crispy Thai basil leaves and whole Thai chilis, if desired. 7 Top Crops Grown in Thailand. Crisphead types require 70 to 85 days to mature and can be grown in square-foot, raised-bed, and container gardens as well as traditional gardens. In a pinch, you could opt for romaine lettuce but it becomes more of a boat at that point. Here the requirements are somewhat different from north Florida. Lettuce is native to Egypt and later spread across the world. Still waiting on acquiring my insect screening and UV coated clear roof plastic, I’ve already pressed ahead with my first crop of Butterhead lettuce, as well as started my second crop in the nursery tubes in the two outermost tubes. Some of the information I’ll provide will be specific to Thailand, such as who are the major local hydroponics suppliers, what are the commonly available materials, and where to buy … Land Preparation in Lettuce Farming:- As Lettuce seeds are small in nature, it requires the fine tilth soil which is not prone to crusting. I had a bunch of leftover chicken and tempeh that had to get … I Would like to cultivate Lettuce. Can I transport directly to Hyderabad or Banglore or Chennai? Even if such future research shows that circulating systems outperform the best NCWC systems, the cost effectiveness of an NCWC based operation, versus one based on NFT or DFT, will also need to be carefully measured and considered. Lettuce seeds are sown in rows 15 to 25 cm part directly in the field to a depth of 12- 15 mm. I decided to give it a try, but added some minor improvements of my own after doing some further online research on the topic of passive non-circulating hydroponic systems. Lettuce seed is very fine and not easy to spread evenly, therefore both methods will likely require you to thin your seedlings later. Posted on September 12, 2014 October 22, 2017 by Christine. Who knew the Chinese weren’t metric?? Basic Hydroponic Lettuce Nutrients (to Mix) Adjust pH to 6.4 for seedlings or 6.0 for mature plants. Common in Thailand and Laos it’s often made with pork, fish sauce, chilies, fresh herbs and … Brassicas need a much more concentrated fertilizer solution than lettuce, which probably explains their slower growth compared to the ones I grew organically. Agriculture Stock Photo Nowadays, it is commercially established in many areas in Thailand for high quality vegetable production. Introduction to Lettuce:- Lettuce is one of the popular cool season leafy salad crops grown throughout the world due to its food value in diet. Rather remove them quickly so that your … When inserted into the raft holes at the nursery level, the bottoms of the cups would be just barely submerged. It is the thick of rice growing season in Isaan right now. Scientific Name or Botanical Name of Lettuce:- Lactuca sativa L. Top 10 Countries of Lettuce Production:- The following are top 10 production countries of Lettuce. I should add that at the time I had not yet begun to “dig in” to the chemistry of nutrient solutions, my solution then consisted of a combination of Miracle Gro® water soluble tomato fertilizer, Epsom Salts (magnesium sulfate), and dry swimming pool acid (sodium bisulphate) for pH control. Stir into 5-gal. This crop also can be grown hydroponically (without soil and water based). Beautiful green iceberg lettuce gardens on down hill of Tribal in Thailand on. When it comes to application of N:P:K (Nitrogen: Phosphate: Potash); 100 kg of “N”, 60 kg of “P” and 60 kg of … In dishes such as Salmon Steak may be ordered to eat there. Grow Thai eggplants in summer, provide plenty of water for the best growth and harvest fruits before they take on a dull finish. In Lettuce farming, on an average, one can obtain 10,000 – 11,000 kg/ha in case of head lettuce. After the first pair of true leaves had emerged, I transplanted the seedlings to the floating raft. Climate Requirement for Lettuce Farming:- Lettuce is a cool season crop and thrives best in temperatures of 12 – 20 °C. It’s a welcome change from the dirt plots, occasionally broken up by a cassava or sugar cane field, and I think the … The best lettuce for these Thai chicken wraps is butter or bibb lettuce. This also can reduce number of diseases in the crop. Lettuce cannot tolerate high acidic conditions of soil and the soil pH range of 5.8 – 6.5 is ideal for its cultivation. It survives under light frost and winter conditions. It was a success and the market increased significantly over the years; Nowadays you can find hydroponic lettuce at any local or national retailer. Most of the nitrogen in this fertilizer is supplied in the form of urea, which means that over time it had to break down to ammonia, and then be converted to nitrates by the action of the bacteria growing in the hydropond, before the plants could utilize it. My first hydroponic system was built almost an afterthought. Thai Tempeh Lettuce Wraps – A Delicious Accident. Such is the case in many areas of rural Thailand and other southeast Asian countries. The burning noonday sun would quickly turn an unvented plastic covered High Tunnel into an oven, particularly during the dry season, while the torrential rains of the monsoons would flatten a crop of lettuce in a very short time during the rainy season without that same covering plastic. Note that cheaper expanded polystyrene rafts would tend to get water-logged and break under the weight of the growing crop without additional support in the center of the tray. Marketing of Lettuce:- Freshly harvested lettuce can be packed and transported to local vegetable markets. Either spread the seed very thinly along a row and cover lightly with soil, or sprinkle it over a bed and rake it in. Types of Lettuce:- Lettuce is grouped into 5 classes. No water pumps or airstones were needed to keep the roots oxygenated. Growth was very rapid and it quickly became very crowded on the nursery level, so respacing became a necessity. mixture. Lettuce is good source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Sometimes a local source of reliable and cheap electric power is not available. It could infect lettuce if the inocula contaminated into the growing system or artificial inoculation. Time of sowing depends on when the crop is wanted: For a summer/autumn crop: sow outdoors from late March to late July. Selecting right type is very important to be successful in lettuce farming. This seed rate will be less when the seedlings are raised on nursery beds. Thailand such as European cucumber [8] and other leafy vegetables (Figure 2). Suspended rafts of hydroponic greens growing in non-circulating water culture (NCWC) trays. Petch Tsai is a pretty Thai heirloom you can order … Due to a lower amount of N in solution y than in solution x, the adjustment of this nutrient in the former solution to half and equal amounts of the latter solution, … This study intended to answer these questions by conducting an experiment wherein lettuce was grown in a plant factory using seven types of LED of different spectra. Lettuce can be grown in backyards, containers, polyhouse, shade net and greenhouse. Is it possible to cultivate ? You have entered an incorrect email address! For some time, I’ve been experimenting with growing selected crops in simplified non-circulating systems, and as you can see in the photo above, I finally constructed a small PVC greenhouse just for this purpose. Yield in Lettuce Farming:- Yield of any produce depends on many factors such as soil type, cultivar, climate and other crop management practices. A suspended raft of hydroponic Butterhead and Red Coral lettuce growing in a non-circulating water culture tray. Health Benefits of Lettuce:- Romaine has one of the highest nutritional values in the lettuce category and the following are some of the health benefits of Lettuce. However, in this investigation, most of the causal agent of lettuce grown in the commercial NFT was P. myriotylum (Table 1). Demo greenhouses Dutch Greenery also builds greenhouse structures from the Indian greenhouse … Growing Lettuce Different types of lettuce. Ballade lettuce plants mature early, about 80 days from planting. We use a hydroponically grown organic butter lettuce (as pictured) it’s not only the perfect size but also has the right bite that compliments the chicken. Crisphead lettuce is not the type of lettuce best suited for production in Alabama. Soil-less culture does not have to be elaborate or expensive. Later I ended up removing the foil and painting the tubes white after cleaning and sanding. The red oak and green oak lettuce plants did extremely well, and might have done even better if the polystyrene float hadn’t become so waterlogged that the elevated raft level eventually came to rest almost on the surface of the pond. The best season for sowing is after rainy season is completed. With no local source of net cups identified at the time, I filled the larger end of 100’s of 1/2″ to 1″ adapters with coco coir, inserting the 1/2″ end into the holes spaced at 10cm intervals in the upper tier centermost pipes. Plant every 3 weeks for a continuous supply. (Best months for growing Lettuce in Australia - tropical regions) P = Sow seed . To increase soil fertility, 15 to 20 tonnes of well-decomposed farm yard manure or garden compost should be applied during land preparation. Care should be taken to prevent any root damage in this process as Lettuce has shallow root system. The filed should be well-drained in case of excess water or flood. If yes How to find marketing for this product ? Growing Lettuce with Sprinkler System. Please kindly reply. The land has sprung to life, and gazing out the bus windows I’m greeted with kilometer upon kilometer of green rice paddies. This also ensures clod-free field. ... & a whole punnet of Thai Sweet Basil around each tomato plant . More recently, there has been further work and promotion of this very cost effective method of hydroponics coming from the Philippines, where it is called SNAP hydroponics. Among all, garden lettuce is being grown on commercial scale. Concurrently, the use of soil-less media expanded rapidly with the invention of drip irrigation, while research on the use of floating rafts by Farnworth in the mid 70’s lead to the subsequent adoption of DFT raceways by another large group of hydroponic growers. Thus, requirements at hand, and armed with a new rubber mallet, a new pipe cutting tool, and some PVC glue, I went to work to build my first NFT greenhouse in Thailand, otherwise known as Greenhouse A, version 1.0. Lettuce grown outside these regions is most likely not affected and safe to eat. However, it thrives best in rich friable and well-drained soils. As lettuce is low in calories, it being used in weight loss programs. Contact your local horticulture department got suitable variety for your region. Don’t bother with traditional lettuce varieties, but Asian greens and Chinese cabbage do well. Apart from salad purpose, it is also used in soups, sandwiches and wraps or it can also be grilled. BAI PHAI NO.5: another upland type, with dark green leaves and stems, popularly known as the bamboo-leafed type. Lettuce has low calorie content and almost fat free. In case of head varieties,  the crop should be  harvested when it has attained a good size and solid head. There was no need to relocate or respace them as they would soon be harvested. For some time, I’ve been experimenting with growing selected crops in simplified non-circulating systems, and as you can see in the photo above, … Then fill the rest of the skillet with red onion, mint leaves, fresh Thai basil, lime wedges, bibb or boston lettuce leaves and fresh green papaya (if adding) for wrapping. You could also grow lettuces in growbags or containers – follow the sowing timings and spacings as below. Mix 2 teaspoons of calcium nitrate in a small cup of warm water until dissolved. Generally seed rate of 3 kg is required to cover 1 hectare field. Remove damaged leaves from the plants regularly. Frillice iceberg green lettuce salad organic vegetable in hydroponics farm. Temperatures above 30 °C will affect the lettuce head development and quality of leaves. Lettuce grown hydroponically and in greenhouses is also likely not affected by the outbreak, and therefore safe to eat. See more ideas about Healthy recipes, Cooking recipes, Recipes. Lettuce Names in Other Parts of World:- Salad patta (Hindi, India), Kropsla (Dutch), Kopfsalat (German), Salaar (Somali), Tukhm kahu (Urdu),  Sałata (Polish), шанцайны ургамал (Mongolian), Marule (Albanian), Μαρούλι (Greek), Zelena salata (Bosnian), Letsugas (Cebuano), Aedsalat (Estonian), Leitís (Irish), Sangchu (Korean), Hassa (Maltese), Chukndar (Nepali), o alface (Portuguese), zelena salata (Serbian), lechuga (Spanish), خس / khass(Arabic), marulya (Bulgarian), 生菜 (Chinese), litsugas (Filipino), Lactuca sativa / lattuga (Italian), salat (Norwegian), ผักกาดหอม (Thai), rau diếp (Vietnamese), Hazar (Armenian), zelena salata (Croatian), lehtisalaatti (Finnish), xasa (Hebrew), れたす (Japanese), lapu / salāti (Latvian), salată verde (Romanian), සලාද ගස (Sinhalese, Sri Lanka), saladi (Swahili), សាឡាត់ (Cambodian), Locika setá (Czech), laitue / salade (French), Zelena salata (Macedonian), sallad (Swedish), marul (Turkish), 莴苣 (Cantonese), salathoved (Danish), Salatis potoli (Georgian), saláta (Hungarian), Salad (Malay), kāho (Persian), endivija (Slovenian), Wōjù (Taiwanese). I covered each tube with paper-backed aluminum insulation foil, held in place with very expensive 3M Permanent spray glue, to reflect the heat off the blue PVC pipes which are the only kind generally available for a reasonable price here in Thailand. The farm has a small cafe where you can order sweets and have a cup of fresh coffee. This setup would be so easy for me to turn into an aquaponics setup. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I originally built my Florida high tunnel to grow organic tomatoes and bell peppers, but I was intrigued by a video from the University of Florida describing an extremely simple method of growing hydroponic lettuce without the use of pumps or electricity. Everything you need to grow your own lettuce - tons of lettuce varieties, how and when to plant them, growing lettuce indoors, harvesting, companion plants and more. Levelling of land should be done for uniform emergence of crop. As with many tropical locations, there are only two seasons, a wet season and a dry season. However, leafy type varieties are sown directly in the field. Seeds can be sown directly in fields or raise saplings in nursery and transplant in the main field. Growing Lettuce From Seed Direct seeding is the easiest way to grow lettuce. Vegetables Cultivated in the Tropics Tomatoes will grow in the tropics, but plant them during the winter or dry season, not the rainy season. The rich green color of the resulting lettuce (enhanced by the action of the magnesium sulfate in providing the essential ingredient of chlorophyl) showed that this mechanism clearly worked. Instead, the extruded foam panels were suspend on the sides of the tray, and the water level allowed to drop over time. Hydroponics has formally been known in Thailand since 1988. But then my spouse surprised me by expanding the cement pad over what was previously a rose garden (the roses were relocated) giving me more room for the greenhouse, so I replicated the previous sections I’d built already to make it longer, and at the same time switched the design to be a full blown double-tier NFT greenhouse. Imai and Kratky, and which others in the Philippines term SiNC hydroponics, for Simplified Non-Circulating (SNAP having been trademarked).
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