A failed takeover attempt by brothers William and Frederick Koch resulted in the two cashing out of the family business for a reported $800 million in 1983. Koch Industries’ remarkable expansion is testimony to the power of core values, such as integrity, humility, and a spirit of entrepreneurship, to create real value for customers, communities and employees. Koch Industries is privately held, as of 2015, according to the company's website. Do You Like Swing Trading? While there may be no Koch Industries stock, you can get trading ideas from our stock alerts service. Stay up to date with all the news from Koch. var SC_prevCloseColor = "990000"; Koch Industries General Information Description. The deal is an all-cash transaction for the remaining 55.5 percent outstanding shares of Guardian Industries’ common stock not already owned by affiliates of Koch. Why Can’t You Buy Koch Industries Stock? Guardian Industries Corp. and Koch Industries, Inc., today announced that Guardian stockholders have approved the acquisition of the company by KGIC Merger Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Koch Industries. 'smoothFonts='+SC_smoothFonts+'&'+ var SC_smoothFonts = "yes"; var SC_axisColor = "999999"; August 11, 2020. Koch believes that success is a result of maximizing long-term economic profit for customers, shareholders and society. Koch Industries is perhaps best viewed as a collection of capabilities continually searching for new ways to create value in society. 'labelSide='+SC_labelSide+'&'+ document.write('