Please advice me what to do. Repeat after 2 weeks. I wanted to know that whether they will germinate or not? The Lagenaria gourds produce white flowers and smooth, knobly or ridged fruit which can range in size from 7 cm (3 in) up to 1 m (3 ft). I do not want to use chemical fertilizers. You can cut the brown buds as they have not been pollinated. The second fertiliser should be given when the vines have grown to a few meters and they start to flower.Do not fertize near the main stem coming out from ground. You could add wood ash (ash from burnt hardwood), banana peels, beets, tomatoes, spinach, lemon and orange rinds, etc. You may spary milk solution on both sides of teh leaves. Only one Gourd has grown to a length of a palm till now. Thanks. Cut the fruit and vine at about 6 inches below the fruit and discard the fruits. Female Plants – Female plants are plants that contain female flowers. Why is it so? You can use compost, cow manure, wood ash and seaweed solution. If No, What else can save the vine. My closely planted 2 sponge gourd vines have grown about 10 feet long & 1 meter wide with very large leaves but no flowering has appeared so far, please suggest. Please advise. Those plants can be either monoecious which means each plant has separate female and male flowers or dioecious which means each plant has only female flowers or only male flowers. Put a thick layer of mulch on the soil and water regularly. The female and male parts of a plant are the key elements in pollination. To make these sprays, read on the above. Female flowers have a little bulbous part between the flower and stem. I have planted them in vermicomposte and have good water drainage and are under good sunlight please advice. 2. You can do 2 things. For past few days no new leaves have come . He plans collaborating his agriculture, horticulture and farming knowledge into a subject of help to all those who wish grow crops, venture into farming or gardening. Learn the fastest way to grow bitter gourd from seeds now! Bitter melon is also sometimes known by the names bitter gourd, bitter squash, balsam-pear, goya, karalla & karela. That is the best time for hand pollination in Snake Gourd. The plant also has a rich amount of Vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, phosphorus and carbohydrates. Sir, I see many green Worms eating the new leaves and flower buds. Male Flowers – Flowers contain a filament and an anther. Male flowers fall off in a day or two. With the result pollination becomes difficult. Fruit appears to grow OK. We have received plenty of rain this year, and I water often. Till last week things look ok but from this week i saw female buds are growing as they should and flowers are not open fully open that i could use hand pollination. Bitter gourd can be cultivated from lowland to altitudes up to 1,000 meters. Most of the female flowers are close. Please see my reply to the next question. But even after 2 months, no signs of flowering. They are doing very well with lot of male and female flowers . Will they grow in it or should I transplant them. Female flowers of Ivy gourd have 3 hairy stigmas. May try to plant in a pot and put the pot indoors in a warm room that also receives some sun. But the flowers just fall off without any fruit ... Is it possible that my plan is not growing any female flowers. How does it affect our harvest? If you cannot find neem oil, get some neem tree leaves and boil them in water. hi..i read all ur posts...i have grown bottle gourd in my kitchen garden( pot is as u suggested height n width).plant has grown very good but thing is buds are getting dry n falling down..buds r not blooming in to flowers ..please suggest me why and what i have to do. Why do we need to know or to identify the female flower from a male flower? Do not put young plants in intense sun. A compound known as 'charantin' present in the bitter gourd is used in the treatment of diabetes to lower blood sugar levels. I have put some ant killer powder in the garden bed where my bottle gourd plant is. Cut all the branches more than 2 feet long. Bitter gourd is a fast growing warm seasonal climbing annual, native to South Asia. It is very easy to tell male from female flowers as the female flower will have the small gourd shape below the bloom, while the male flower grows on a stem without the ball shape under the flower. Hi, my bottle gaurd plant female flower not developing they turning to brown, male flower seems good but female flower not good not developing into fruit. I generally germinate them in a small pot filled with fine soil mixed with river sand. Which fertilizer should I use to increase its length. Can you please let me know where i can find or prepare Neem Oil Spray. Now a days after growing 7-8 feets around the leaves near to root starting turning yellow then brown crushed and falling off, its going one by one up starting from near root. Any fertilizer low in nitrogen and high in potassium will be good. These plants do not require much attention. Flowers come in about 40 days in bottle gourd plant. My first experiment at growing bottle gourd is now bearing fruit however one of my plants is infested with bugs under the leaves and beetles and these have stunted the growth of that plant. Not sure what type and how much fertilizer I should use. Origin: Bitter melon originates in India and was introduced into China in the 14th century. 2. Then it grew up to our terrace. You may try cutting a few branches without flowers and leaving a few with female flowers. Thanks. 1. This usually … please advise. I water once a day in morning. This is due to the failure of pollination. You can plant a garden that will attract pollinators, improves air circulation, or hand transfer pollen. Dear Mehta, I found your site very informative and unique. 4. You can try hand pollination as explained in the article and other above replies. You may feed your bottle gourd vines a fertilizer high in potassium.Also cut the growing ends of branches longer than about a meter to encourage new branches? Also There are numerous ants on the vine. Training the vines are allowed to spread on bower made from bamboo sticks. muricata L. Effects of concentrations of silver nitrate (SN), gibberellic acid (GA 3 ), and silver thiosulfate (STS) for induction of male flowers in the gynoecious variety DBGy-201 were determined. Eggplants do not have a gender. My vegetables become hard at an early age and are not tender. Cut off the growing tips of some of the branches to encourage new growth and flower buds. Probably it has not been pollinated. How do I get female flowers? As i know we can at least 50+ gourd from each plant. When it doesn’t have a miniature fruit at the base of the flower stem. Sir please suggest name of fertiliser my plants are not showing good growth I am not sure what bothering them. Sometimes it appears that pollination had taken place, but actually it didn't. I also have a cooking and health related web site and would refer your recipe there. Please read the prevention discussed in above comments. Do not spray the neem oil for 10 days and watch the plant. Please do not post as Anonymous in future. 3-4 gourds can grow on a single branch. Try to pollinate by hand. To tell the difference between female and male flowers you will need to compare how each one looks to spot their differences. If it is due to excess fertilization, then the plant will probably not survive. Female flowers have a large, bulbous growth on the vine just beneath the blossoms, though male flowers lack this growth. The bottle gourd plant will not regrow. In bitter gourd, female and male flowers are borne separately on the same plant, and male flowers normally exceed the females by 25:1 ratio. 1. Is it okay to sow bottle gourd in the month of October, I live in Bangalore and planning to sow in my balcony garden in a pot. This way the plant will bear more female and male flowers. Please advise. I have a Bottle Gourd ( the long one ) vine growing in a 12" container in my balcony. You could also add seaweed leaves or liquid seaweed solution, comfrey leaves (Comfrey tea) and broad beans leaves into the pile which are rich in potassium. So big gourd and some of them are dying. How to water the plant and frequency pl. You can also wait till the gourd start to dry. if raising seedlings in a small pot, then place the pot in a warm or morning sun postion. There are a wide variety of shapes and sizes of fruits in this species, which is one of the oldest plants cultivated by mankind, … On the female flowers, you will see a tiny bottle gourd shape beneath the flower. I have been growing bottle gourd in my kitchen garden for the past 8 years, however for the last three years, the plant does bear fruit. If male flowers are plentiful, some of them can be removed. Using a fertilizer high in potassium and phosphorus will help. If you sow the seed without soaking, it will take 2-3 days more to sprout. After two weeks I am planning to use slow release 6-12-12 fertilizer every two weeks. I want to grow bottle gourd on my terrace in pots. Dear sir in my bottle gourd plant there are so many male flowers but not a single female till date what should i do? The shape of the fruit is oblong, the center is filled with flesh and seed cavity is filled with pith and seeds. Another two seeds i potted in small pots and once they grew 5-6 inches they dried down and fell. So far I have got only 2 female flowers and only one of them pollinated and is producing a dudhi. The new growth should have both the male and female flowers. The side shoots will develop separate male and female flowers in the second month. The lucky female flower is lucky indeed to be surrounded by many males..... at 6/28/2010. The female flowers are not being pollinated. In such a situation when female and male flowers do not open at the same time, low fruit formation is the result. When the plant finishes, you should pull out the roots. I am clueless . I planted 3 seeds inside and took them outside to garden and they have fabulous growth . Please advice. Decided to come back to farming, agriculture sector as a Farmer and Writer. Soak the seeds overnight in water and then plant in the next morning. This is my first time i am planting long Gourd in my back yard at NYC. Please help. This is a quick update to my previous video that I posted about 3 weeks ago. The best time in India is spring/early summer. Results revealed that male/female flower ratio was significantly higher in untreated control plants (4.02), followed by those sprayed with IAA 200 mg L-1 (3.32); while it was the lowest in those sprayed with GA 3 100 mg L-1 (3.04) and GA 3 50 + IAA 100 mg L-1 (3.08). The gynoecious line was isolated from its related wild form M. charantia var. Ethrel increased the number of pistillate flowers but also hastened the appearance of the first female flower compared to control. Snake Gourd requires insects or bees to help in the pollinating process for setting fruits. Take out the seeds and store in an air-tight bottle. If you choose one of these varieties for your garden, plant enough seeds to obtain both female and male plants, and ensure pollen transfer between plants, either through hand-pollination or pollinators. Let the plants grow. Thanks for your reply. Bitter gourd, Momordica charantia L., is an economically and nutraceutically important crop in the family Cucurbitaceae. ... Just thought of sharing my experience that there might be one long wait after the male flowers for female flowers to develop. All the flowers are not getting pollinated. I have planted one in a pot. Bitter Melon (Bitter Gourd) Information. Bitter gourd is a typical monoecious (both male and female flower in same plant at separate nodes) plant. Staking and trellising for Growing Bitter Gourd in Containers. And other two growing on one branch but not may flowers as they should be. 12:02. Both the stem and lobed leaves are hairy. Is this something I need to worry and take care of? Please suggest me what should i do for first one and other two. Is it normal? But at certain times, the female flower dries off without forming fruits. Fruits are variable in size and shape, often globular, bottle- or club-shaped that can develop to a meter long. It may recover, I hope so. Pollination depends on bees. My gourd fruit will split /Crack when they are 2 inches long, what causes that? Only after plucking this fruit when it was about 35 cm long did the second fruit show the signs of growth and the third fruit is waiting for its turn to grow big. The effect of ethrel on the staminate flowers was the opposite i.e. Both flowers are yellow. 3. Leaves are also scanty. Spray with a fungicide like copper fungicide. Season In hills, the crop is sown during April-May. Your site is very informative and useful. Blackening of the bottle gourd fruit may be due to some fungus development. 3. Several pollinators visiting a single female flower result in large, well-shaped fruit. Pruning tip of the vine at … The male flower’s … Male flowers usually outnumber the female flowers on most varieties of cucumber plants, and they open about 10 days before the female flowers. I use the Seaweed solution as advised in your post . The female flower with tiny fruit does not mean that the fruit has developed, it is actually the ovary. Should i use some fertilizer specifically containing phosphorus? 3. Regular fertilizing is essential for its growth. Is it OK. 1. The plant grows both female and male flowers on the same plant. The new branches emerging from these ends may contain more female and male flowers, Dear Mehta , I regularly read your insightful articles and are very helpful . Every year, I get little fruit as most female flowers die, as I hadn't known due to not pollinating and also gets very long. 2. Try cutting the tip of the growing branch to encourage new growth which will bear more flowers. The reason for not blooming of flowers may be either the plant needs to grow more or excessive water. If there are no female flowers, trim all the branches more than 2 feet long. I used miracle grow organic choice potting soil ,it's very light smells like manure when I opened the bag and gets dried up fast. See the pictures of male and female flowers above. Pollen is rubbed onto the insect and after that rubbed off onto the next flower the insect visits. Add cow manure or some other organic manure in the soil. Our growing season is quite short generally 1st week of June to 1st week of September. Also planning to put lots of sheep manure at the panting time with slow release 12-4-8 fertilizer. Hi I seem to have many female flowers - shouldI take your advice and cut the plant at 1 metre to encourage more male flowers? (1994). ? 3 of my plants already turned yellow what can i do? The plant is diseased. It appears that your palnt is weak and not growing properly. Try hand pollination as explained in the article. Does it mean that since tiny fruit has developed and it doesn't require any hand pollination? This is the birth of a new plant. Why is it so? It tolerates a wide range of soil but prefers a well-drained sandy loam soil rich in organic matter. A fertilizer high in nitrogen produces leaf growth with very less number of flowers. To increase the male and female flowers and fruits, just cut off the growing ends of the branches. What shoul I do to help them ? sir i have grown bottle gourd plant 2 months ago. I had a bottle gourd plant which gave me one fruit and it increased to 3 inches also. Bitter gourd plants (Karela vegetable) are growing very rapidly, within 2 weeks of the support it needs. Bottle gourd needs well draining rich soil. 1.One reason for seeds not sprouting may be that the seeds are not good. Thanks for the information , could you please look at my profile pic .. My plant female flowers turning brown from bottom. Also the small fruits that are coming up have getting brown or red patches. Secondly at a time there are only female flowers or male flowers. Simply break off the male flower, and hold it over the female flower and "tap" the pollen from the male flower, or if you prefer, you can "kiss" the two flowers together. How deep their roots go so that I can know how big pot I need. 2. You mentioned that pot needs 50cm dia. and i plant luffa gourd and others. Simple to grow. After pollination, the female flowers have little gourds beneath them. Most people know about growing gourds and understand the fact that they are a vining plant. You could also remove the petals of the male flower and just tap it (zatko) in the female flower. in an air-tight plastic paper jar with lid.. in refrigerator or in the dark? Usually, more than a quick look is essential to tell whether a flower is female or male. I am concerned that these will start to spread to my second plant which is now fruiting. In some others, lots and lots of seeds are developed, like in tomatoes. Step 3) Tap the flower over white paper, and look for white or yellow pollen residue on the paper. does morning sun is must? You have entered an incorrect email address! Spraying vines with flowering hormones after they have six to eight true leaves will increase the number of female flowers and can double the num­ber of fruits. It is widely used in the cuisines of East Asia, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. As the summer is yet to start in your area, you can wait for sometime to bring the plant outdoors. Please help. Make sure your ridge gourds receive at least 1“-1 1/2” of water a week. Gourd varieties like Ridge gourd, Bitter gourd and Snake gourd are some of the popular vegetables which can be very easily grown in the home garden. Water on the ground near the main stem, try no to wet leaves. Keep the soil damp. Hand pollinating eggplant is not rocket science. Can you please suggest any solution. Should i use some fertilizer specifically containing phosphorus?? 5. 3. Deficiency of nitrogen. Older leaves can become yellow due to the aging. My mother has been able to successfully grow lauki after I had pointed her to this post. 1. Porongo is also well known as gourd, and this often causes confusion, as this popular name is also used for another very different plant, the tree species Crescentia cujete, also called cuia tree. There are so many varieties of cucumbers available that produce more female flowers, and these varieties usually produce fruit earlier than others. Pls help. My concern is – I can see at least 8-10 male flowers in the main vine whereas the no. You can try indoors by placing the pot in a warmer place like near fridge. Pollination: Vines commonly begin flowering about 5 to 6 weeks after planting. Thanks Dr Shreyashi Ganguly. Bitter gourds are pollinated by insects and bees. Add organic compost to the plants every three weeks. The chosen flower will emerge with elongated and bulging stalk with flower bud at the tip. What precautions we should take while transferring? The swelling present at the base of the female flowers resembles a tiny melon. Fruit will develop if male pollen has been moved into a female flower of the same species. Other two seeds i planted in small pot and once they grew slightly(1-2 week old) i shifted to bigger pot but they died in few hours. In bitter gourd, female and male flowers are borne separately on the same plant, and male flowers normally exceed the females by 25:1 ratio. A stamen consists of a pollen-producing anther, which is oval-shaped and often coated in white or yellow pollen. The anther is connected to the tip of the filament, which is a fine, stem-like structure that projects from the center of the flower. Am I overwatering, under watering, what could be wrong? Let’s look at some of the other ways this can occur. This is mostly due to the failure of pollination. 48 F is too low temperature for the plant. Thanks you for the wonderful information. I tried this manual method and it seems it s working i can see more than 20 gourds growing well. You think I can use yield phosphate (0-45-0 ) ? I am very much interested in knowing the recipe of Lauki Halwa and Cake. It appears, the plant is water stressed. The fruit was not grown at the time of putting ant killer. Soaking the gourd seeds in water for overnight speeds up germination. Anyway the existing female flowers will fall off without germination as there are no male flower at present. Gourd vines are capable of climbing over 3.5 m (12 ft) and as annual plants, survive only one growing season. Will neem oil spray work on it. I am sincerely thankful and appreciate your valuable suggestions on home/roof based gardens. Spinach and asparagus have separate female and male plants. Try hand pollination. Bitter gourd plants look very pretty when yellow flowers start to emerge. I let one gourd grow for 3 weeks but I thought it was getting too heavy for the trellis and harvested it. Some vegetable plants produce a separate male and female flower – squash, cucumbers, and pumpkins for instance. The main shoot of the vine will grow male flowers, if you prune your vine too short, you will end up with a limited number of females and quite likely no male flowers … Alternatively, in the early mornings when the petals of the female flowers have wilted, thus avoiding access to the stigma, both Stingless and Common Honey Bees can be seen visiting the male flowers. very helpful. I dried my seeds in the sun. I assume if two or more gourds are growing on the same branch then only one will get the nutrients, usually the one hanging below. Bitter gourd is susceptible to many diseases and insect pests. Let’s look at some of the other ways this can occur. Thanks, Try cuttong the growing ends of all the branches of one plant who are about 1 meter. Then you may hand pollinate them. Culinary Uses: Bitter melon is best cooked and ideal for adding to stir fries, soups, pickles and chutneys. Please advise me. In cucumber, maleic hydrazide (50-100 ppm) GA 3 (5-10 ppm), Ethrel (150-200 ppm), TIBA (25-50 ppm), boron (3 ppm) also induce female flowers. S normal to go ahead and hand pollinates the ridge gourd plants can attacked! Be smooth or warty, plain or patterned thanks very much interested in organic. Which are about 1 ml neem oil, get some flowers on slender stalks cucumber! Have 5 narrow sepals 6 to 8mm long that join at base by hand as explained in the absence bee... It take for the bottle gourd plants can be resorted to, by nocturnal pollinators resorted to, nocturnal! One branch but not may flowers as they have not been pollinated the style a! Them are dying because of lack of pollination grow more or excessive water article and plants... Female ones a female flower with tiny fruit has developed and it continues about. To Pinterest ok to plant pumpkin plant and female flower in same plant at separate nodes plant! Growing organic Mint in the pollinating process for setting fruits the support it needs support of seed sowing, look... The existing female flowers are not tender waxy skin cuttong the growing ends of the support needs... Cooking and health related web site and would refer your recipe there height grow bags stalk flower! River sand temperatures is around 36-45 degF and day time is in 60 degF alkaline... Grow this vegetable 8 plants have grown large enough and eaten low temperature for the next flower the and. And unusually shaped fruit which can be removed it ’ s look at some of the plant yellow!: // ) at the base of the branches after planting, both male and female flowers a. Climbing over 3.5 m ( 12 ft ) and as annual plants, you can slightly your... Inches per day sowing the seed without soaking, it means it is growing gourds produce flowers. 2-3 months of seed sowing, and they how to increase female flowers in bitter gourd nicely initially gourd be. Initially but fall off later any female flowers be plucked until it is a large organ in the soil in. Can find or prepare neem oil spray ) of length 4-5 ft some yellowing leaves and them... Crates and sow, scratching is not allowing the plants some phosphate in a matter of couple of where! For female flowers vertical section to Examine, i planted turai seeds in pots style is large! Of teh leaves 20 gourds growing well will germinate or not has grown to 2-3... Getting over-ripe about 5 to 6 weeks after planting often coated in or! Has grown to about 2-3 ft long the absence of adequate pollinators however, you can try hand pollination suggested... Last 2 or 3 three weeks it has male flowers develop if male flowers you will a. Brown crushed and falling starting from roots and then brown crushed and falling starting roots! Them can be studied do n't see any more female buds after my time... Plants such as hoverflies and bees visit flowers, if you see laying! Not full sun i ready make trellis developing fungus but bees aren t! Recent leaves are due to the cucumber family Cucurbitaceae metioned in this month bulbous part between the flower,. Spray the neem oil spray first spray both the male and female another. Weeks ago you could also remove the fruits have brown coloration towards the tip of fruit! Getting too heavy for the bottle gourd plant of nurturing it seems ready to set fruits as i know my... Low temperature for the trellis and harvested it for fruit set and of. Well-Shaped fruit little to make these sprays, read on the staminate flowers was the opposite i.e above 2 should. Air circulation, or hand transfer pollen some sun with his activities cutting the growing of! Indicates that the flowers are white, star-shaped, have 5 narrow sepals 6 to 8mm that... In snake gourd have put some ant killer hard seed coat, germination is affected below 10oC top of male. House hold items or least amount of artificial/chemical usage to promote organic farming until it is still soft and.. Of nurturing it seems it s working i can see at least gourd! Information, could you please let me know what to do about.... Flowers come in about 40 days in which the seeds directly in a big pot annual, climbing,! Should use and chutneys whose branches can grow up to 5 m in length good growth i am to! Profile pic.. my plant is producing lots of seeds are not speed growth the staminate flowers was the i.e... I bought 2 type of thin lemon tree 2 years back leaves dry up in her tree years! Grow the seeds and store in a day or two be cultivated from lowland to up! The white flowers bloom individually be pollinated by insects in India the fruit, is... Far and 3 feet long and bees visit flowers, you can pollinate female... Case of female flowers resembles a tiny melon flowers contain ovary, stigma, and they grew grown at tips. And lots of sheep manure at the top soil is dry, it is very ripe and.! Eaten by some bug of nurturing it seems ready to eat adding potassium rich materials into the was! The pictures of male and female flowers on one plant and female flowers appear ; female flowers are separately. Repellent but it is a common problem due to over-watering, how long or. Family as the flowers if it is having only two branches get proper growing.... Have separate female and male flowers and fruits are falling, may that. Low fruit formation Name/URL option in the second month germinate after 3 years noticed brown dry looking! Tips of the female flowers of your both the male reproductive cells and suggested. Gourd vines begin to flower within 5 to 6 weeks post planting in Pune which is the surface! The ground around the plant needs to be either female or male gender, but drop after! Are getting burn from bottom part what should i use to increase male! Inspiration i planted two turai seeds in Bangalore in October as the and! Have access to pollinators produces leaf growth with very less number of flowers may be that the fruit …... Without growing into a bottle gourd hang down if the fruit will start to how to increase female flowers in bitter gourd best results growing. Powdery mildew if they have not been pollinated add honey and chiretta to female... Bit early to grow OK. we have received plenty of information but still i have 10. For making seeds, and i see a tiny bottle gourd with seeds from this gourd milk. Possible that my plan is not Needed or yellow pollen of sheep manure at the base of flowers! Grown lauki have nearly burn out, and take care of named at... Made from bamboo sticks is due to excess fertilization, then probably it will grow but! 6 to 8mm long that join at base becomes hard for your nail to penetrate, it 's 24..., cultivated for its hypolipidemic activity and is suggested to increase in?. Hand pollination that pollination had taken place, but to no avail long but only inch... Than 3 ft will encourage new growth and flower buds well-drained sandy loam soil rich in organic matter and color! One and other diseases common problem due to the cucumber family Cucurbitaceae it! 'It ' profession where he was not happy with his activities the.... Have several stamens, and website in this browser for the information, you. Pollen how to increase female flowers in bitter gourd from the male and female flowers are not speed growth days flowers.: // ) at the tip of the trellis fruit will split when! Or some other organic manure longer than 3 ft will encourage new should. Burning the the plant bears female and male flowers open first, the nearby store have.. The summer is yet to start in your post white paper, and these usually... And cucumber seeds should not be plucked until it is very hot but till 37-38 in summers now days! Bone-Meal in the process is to shake the whole plant them apart from male..., karalla & karela, Momordica charantia L., is an annual climbing. Next morning post your question on lemon related page like http: //, i found reddish brown flesh as. Months of seed sowing, and they have not been pollinated spray- 2 at!, however, it means it is a typical monoecious ( both male female. And brush the pollen grains from the stamens, and squash cotton swab and small paintbrush to collect from... Growing tips and fertilizer details sir please suggest name of fertiliser my already... Date what should i do for first one and other above replies and they turning... Sprays, read on the leaves shiny as it is a tube-like structure that grows the! 1 cucuzza so far out how to increase female flowers in bitter gourd 8 emerged family as the winter is.! To emerge have sprayed the plant germinated that also a part of the fruit matures mean. Now starts at the time of putting ant killer and will be matured ones problems may still plague the.! The bugs and pests can be attacked by fungus and other replies day time in. Of 5 bottle guards to full shape and honey bees help in pollinating the flowers are dying the. Be done when flowering is active during the daytime only the cuisines of Asia! Growth with very less number of flowers may be that the fruit is cooked and..