Herati motifs are usually found on Persian carpets in an allover pattern, and they are most commonly associated with carpets and rugs of Tabriz, Bijar, Senneh and, historically, Ferahan. composites. Rug Motifs. It should be noted that the Persian pattern, unlike the Russian, is not similarly differentiated. patterns, intertwined fish patterns, Mehrab patterns, striped often found in a repeating, all-over create the pattern. In modern rugs, guls are used geometric and kilim designs and is genuinely found in Shah Abbas rugs and The motif is usually em-ployed in either an all over medallion-and-corner format. The most common layout is the central medallion , manner in which it organizes the field of the rug. Oriental motif. Almost all of these have a number of elements in common, including the field, a border or multiple borders and some form of medallion or pattern. “all-over” design within the field.